Original song with music video for the film: 
Storyboard: The title and style of the film was completely different initially. The learning of how vlog style and broadcast style did not fit was profound. We were happy experimenting, and learning from the failure. 
Media Conception

Christoph Althaus

Film Roles:
Direction : Jan Kliever
Cinematography: Gavin Just, Mahima Kamath
Film edit, production support: Celine Batu with Gavin Just and Jan Kliever
Music video edit: Mahima Kamath
Conception, storyboard: Mahima Kamath
Re-scripted in German: Jan Kliever

Special Thanks:
Equipment support and love: Jerome Meyertons
Music, lyrics, mixing-mastering : Christian Strauch, Mahima Kamath
Much needed Indian clothing: Jameela
And all my friends at HS OWL

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