Initially the plan was to interview people around the campus suffering from anxiety and use the recorded clippings with consent and make a documentary style animation. After giving a thorough listen to each of these clips, lines were chosen, and about 80 storyboards were produced. The most interesting sequences of visuals were chosen and the shots were planned and executed in less than a week. Pre-production included finding the right shades and tints of chart for the background, hunting for the right objects ( transparent cassette, for example), making pakodas that could last for a four hour shoot and so on. On set, every sequence needed lighting adjustments.  Levelling of sounds was a huge challenge. However, the recorded clips failed to work the way we intended, and hence a script was written:
[Credits: Aaryama Somayaji for lending her time (and ear) for this (caterpillar) sequence in the film] 
Studio: Place where all the magic happened day in and out. A bunch of notice boards arranged with blankets covered from top, an opening, a frame to mount the camera on and a whole lot of jugaad.
BTS: Embroidery work, frame by frame.
Shravan Arvind

Ashwini Parihar
Deeptanshu Sanyal
Ketaki Meshram
Prabhat Paswan

Special Thanks:
Indranil Ujagare
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