In this episode, our reporters are volunteering at the Extreme Sports Festival in Voss. We visit the OWL Racing Camp at Biester Berg and chat with Marie from Radio Lippe. In addition, our teams compete against each other in an exciting boatbuilding challenge and we meet Michael (Mick) Jackson and interview him. Blame it on the boogie! 

Improvisation while cooking? Daniel and Svenja can do that! The two dare to approach an unknown Indian recipe. Everything only on the basis of a photo. Jojo on the other hand is also relishing food on the street food market in Duisburg. Last but not least, Lisa and Jojo venture into the forest. There go the two geocaches... We hope you like our new episode!

In the 55th episode our raging reporter Kathi visits a reptile exhibition, we learn to fly in the Superfly in Dortmund and Lisa and Svenja fight for the title of Flohmagd 2018.

Presenting: the Dreist TV team, summer 2018. Err...consequences of being absent on group photo day. 

 *Subtitles will be added shortly, apologies for the inconvenience. 
Guide: Dr. Frank Lechtenberg 

Mara Lou Hilss
Katharin Reike
Johannes Doerfert
Michael Weiss
Daniel Siegmann
Svenja Christin
Lise Eickhoff
Agnieszka Mazur

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