We live in an age increasingly driven by technology. Master’s in Digital Society is a unique interdisciplinary PG programme at the intersection of IT and Social Sciences, that opens its doors to students of all disciplines wanting to make a difference in the tech space. Designing and deploying technologies and formulating policies about them requires a nuanced understanding of the social, cultural and economic fabric of our digitally driven society. Master's in Digital Society is a programme that equips you with this knowledge and helps you launch responsible journeys in the development and enhancement of technology in our society where #techshouldworkforall
This video was produced during my internship with Shifft Films, Bangalore. My role was primarily in the pre-production process. This project gave me hand on experience on working for a client and delivering within sharp deadline. Much of the creative and treatment control was with the company and organisation.
What’s the point 
If you can’t reach the handle strap?
What’s the point 
If not saved when there’s a mishap? 
What’s the point 
If wifi doesn’t reach all?
This info age of many wonders 
We can erase human blunders
Math and science, everyone’s right 
Learn, grow and get all might 
Co-solve all office issues 
come on take the cue 
What’s the point
 If Reading maps is a lot to do?
What’s the point 
If machines are racist too? 
What’s the point If getting accents is tough? 
This world is really shrinking 
Sit anywhere, get anything 
Report real matters 
Fun shows n lotsa chatter 
Crowd source for noble causes too 
take the cue 
What’s the point If we miss a lot of users? 
What’s the point 
If what we are doing, isn’t relevant 
What’s the point 
If we don’t think about the future?
Deepti Tarakanath
Priyanka Bhaduri
Prabhu Subramanian
Manas Gabriel
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