Santayan Sengupta: Composing, mixing

Where the mind is without fear,
and we hold our heads up high
and where words come
out of the deepest truth
let us awake,
in that land of 

Where knowledge is free,
and the world has not been broken up by narrow domestic walls,
and where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
let us awake, in that land of 


This is the time to be the change
that you want to see, ‘cause
change begins with you and me
wake up to your humanity
stand up in solidarity
together for equality
for our wonderful diversity

what’s the purpose of human life 
but to get from darkness to light, 
to fight 
for everybody’s right,
to be alive with their heads held high
yeah Fight, but not with violence and division
we have a mission
we gotta be bold, reach into our own souls
to find that gold
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