Hang around to this page to find the process and few examples of the work I did there: 

This plug was designed to attract more customers for the next year's festival in advance.

This plug was designed to blink in the middle of live stories broadcast to draw the attention of the audience and drive traffic to Vekosnap.

This story was also designed to capture people's attention and drive traffic to Veko's Facebook page.

The process began on paper. I looked up their website and decided to use the same colours for their stories, which w . as not done before. Each type of sport was then colour coded thus— Green for sports on ground, Grey for air or sports associated with wind, Blue for water sports and Orange for festival mood and activities like music, recreation, food and other interesting things. Each day followed the same pattern of Intro, covering stories from the field— which was extremely time sensitive and ended with an Outro of a montage of the festival event like party, concert etc. Learnt many things like fixing dimension of video to make it compatible for all phone sizes in the market, be vary of plus size phones cropping out information, playing around with text and images, better sequence of content, efficient interaction with an International team, delivering on time in high pressure situations where the WiFi failed or renders got slow, and the list goes on! 

The beginning of a series of stories, a separator of two different days.

The end of the day covered not sports, rather the fun activities around like parties and concerts.

Day1 was mostly an experiment. Adding animation to each of the stories seemed to be a hectic task and could not be delivered on time. Each day had at least 25 stories! Elin Tårnes was my partner in crime and covered stories from the field. ( She is a sportswoman and extremely fun person). Her Insta page page here.

The stories were colour coded.

The social media team at Ekstremsportveko, 2018 on the seventh day :-) 

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